2016 Field Trips

 We have been having a great variety of field trips this year.  Looks like the ones coming up are going to be just as great.  Check them out and hopefully you will be able to join in on one more.  We are always looking for more hosts and more ideas on where to get out and photograph.  Perhaps there was a place in the past that you went to and you would like to go again; a new place you have been wanting to check out; or a place you chanced upon in your travels.  Hosts will set up a date and time, brief the members about the expected photo opportunities and give suggestions as to places to eat and stay if appropriate.


  • Petaluma Adobe and Architecture in old town/downtown Petaluma
    Saturday, September 19th
    The exact time has not been established as of yet; but it will be starting in the morning.  Attendees are encouraged to gather and share some lunch and some social time with each other.  A great way to sum up a great photographic event.
    Host: Chris Nelson


  • We currently have no field trip scheduled for October.  Fall time is a great photographic opportunity.  If anyone would like to host a field trip, please let me know and we will get it posted.
  • Chris Nelson and Betty Prange will out of the state in mid-October


    • Richmond Marina Bay Trail
    • Saturday, November 21st
    • Great area for local and migrating shore birds.
    • Time will be set up so the group is there for the low tide.
    • Host:  Irene Bergamini








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