The Diablo Valley Camera Club was founded in 1983 as an offshoot of a photography class held at the Diablo Valley Adult School.  In 1986, the Concord Camera Club and Diablo Valley Camera Club merged to form a stronger organization. The Concord Camera Club had been in existence for many years. It had experienced photographers and knowledge about camera club organization but its membership was small and participation was limited. Diablo Valley Camera Club was young and had less experience, but was growing and enthusiastic. The combination of the two now exists as the current Diablo Valley Camera Club which meets on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at Pilgrim Hall at The First Congregational Church, 1229 Court Street, Martinez at 7pm.

From a small beginning we’ve grown in both size and diversity of skill level. Many of us joined as beginning photographers and have experienced tremendous growth in the quality of our photography. Others were already skilled photographers when they joined and have been willing to share their skills with others.  New members come aboard throughout the year and are definitely an asset to the club as new members bring new ideas and encourage members who have been with the club for some time to reinforce their skills through teaching and sharing tips and techniques.

Benefits of Joining our Camera Club

DVCC is devoted to furthering the art of photography through the following:

  • Monthly photo competitions are a wonderful way to get feedback and constructive ideas for improving one’s work from a non-biased judge.
  • Educational nights taught by guest speakers or our own club members.
  • Mentorship program.
  • Monthly field trips.
  • Annual holiday potluck.
  • Annual Photographer of Year awards.
  • Participation in outside photo organizations like PSA and N4C.
  • Sharing ideas about great places to find photo opportunities, photography classes, local art exhibits
  • Meeting new friends who share the same passion.

Diablo Valley Camera Club is a member of the Northern California Council of Camera Clubs (N4C). N4C is made up of member clubs throughout the Bay Area. Being a member of N4C allows us to participate in area-wide, interclub competitions. Each month the top-level work in each category at DVCC is sent to compete at the N4C level. We have a list of N4C judges who we invite to critique our work each month. We may also take part in the annual “Foto-Clave”, an educational program on photography. In addition to attending our own competition judging sessions, all members are invited to attend the N4C judging at Rossmoor (see the N4C Meeting Schedule). It is a great way to see excellent photography and to be inspired to get out and create images.

Membership Requirements


1.  Submit a membership application along with your dues to the Treasurer.

2.  Dues are paid annually in July. If you join mid-fiscal-year your dues are pro-rated. Please ask about current dues rates.

3.  We encourage participation.  Please volunteer for one of the Standing Committees.

DVCC’s primary method of communicating with its members is via email.  If you do not have an email account or access to a computer, contact the Board President or Membership Chairperson to discuss the situation.

Membership allows you to compete at the club and inter-club levels. When notices or newsletters are emailed, they will only be emailed to a member’s email address.

Family members and friends are always welcome at DVCC social events, field trips, and as guests at DVCC meetings.