DVCC & N4C May Competition Results

Yes…the newsletter is back!  All I can ask of my fellow DVCC members is HAVE PATIENCE!  I am new at this and one thing is for sure…I can only improve, right?!  So, I hope you enjoy what I have to highlight for the month of April and please, be sure and shoot any items my way that you want to have me include in future newsletters.  If you see something I missed, please let me know.   I know I did not have all the information as far as who the judge was for our April 23rd competition and the number of prints submitted for judging; but I will be sure and get that information for May’s!   Looking forward to sharing the “DVCC News” with you.


Congratulations to Euclides Viegas (2 images), Betty Prange and Irena Miles for getting Best in Show awards for April 23rd’s competition.


To view all the winning entries please visit our competition website.

If your images didn’t place in this month’s competition, you can always resubmit them.



High Voltage
Creative Projected Images – Masters High Voltage Ride …………..Two Images-Euclides Viegas




Grizzly Digging Up Bones in Springtime
Nature Projected Images – Masters – Grizzly Digging up Bones in Springtime-Betty Prange


Moon Glow
Pictorial Projected Images – Advanced-Moon Glow-Irena Miles















Morning Run
Monochrome Prints – Masters-Morning Run-Euclides Viegas










Three DVCC members placed in the N4C monthly competition on May 17th.  Congratulations to Euclid Viegas, who not only won first place in Creative Projected Images for Masters, but also Best In Show for that same category, Betty Prange for second place in Nature Projected Images, and Chris Nelson for fourth place in Color Prints Advanced.  Also, for receiving an Honorable Mention in Pictorial Projected Images for Intermediate a hearty congratulations to Karen Najarian.

High Voltage






Best in Show
First Place
Creative Projected Images – Masters
High voltage ride …………..two images
Euclides Viegas

Beaver Eating Willows









Nature Projected Images – Masters
Beaver (castor canadensis) eating willows.
Betty Prange

Fire Escape



Fourth Place

Color Prints – Advanced
Fire escape
Chris Nelson

White Cascade Rainbow

Honorable Mention

Pictorial Projected Images – Intermediate
White Cascade Rainbow, Yosemite National Park
Karen Najarian

To see a list of all the N4C May 17th  winners visit the N4C website.  The results on the DVCC STANDINGS page have been updated to reflect these latest N4C results.


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