DVCC & N4C January Competition Results

Upcoming Events

You received flyers and registration information on these exciting events by e-mail, but just a reminder (if you’ve lost the flyer, let me know):

  • Annual Awards luncheon: Feb. 9 – 11:30 am – Lafayette Park Hotel
  • DVCC Field Trip: Feb 16 – Photographing an Icon – Golden Gate Bridge & Marin – Chris Nelson, host
  • DVCC Field Trip: March 14-16 – Fort Ross – Chris Nelson and Betty Prange, hosts
  • N4C Spring Program: March 29 – 9:00 to 4:30 – Darrell Gulin, speaking – San Leandro

What Are Your Photo Plans for the New Year? Some thoughts so far…

Mark and Cathy Pemberton:We have big plans for 2014. We plan to visit Japan and Brazil and hopefully Yellowstone and maybe Bosque del Apache. We had pretty good success last year with our conservation themed blog “One World” and hope to expand our reach with it (http://pembertonphoto.wordpress.com). We use the blog to explore conservation issues as well as photographic subjects. We invite everyone in DVCC to check it out and follow us. We will also attempt to mount a private, conservation themed, gallery show of our work in 2014. And finally we plan to resume our work in portrait photography and develop our skills in people travel photography.

Now, we’d love to hear what the rest of you DVCC’ers are planning. Can we help each other? Send us an email with any questions or comments.

Kathryn Stelljes: My family is off to Kauai so I’ll be shooting rainforests and beaches. I’ll also be visiting colleges with my daughter so I hope to get some good architecture and people photos. I’ve started a coaching business for artists and scientists and when my website is complete (http://www.freshviewcoaching.com), I’ll be featuring photos and other art, especially of patterns…if you’ve got something you want to share, let me know!

Let Us Know your plans and activities…some of us know each other well, but many of us don’t!

General and Competition Meeting Schedules are updated on the website for 2014. Let me know if you see any errors or have additions/changes. Standings are also up-to-date.

DVCC January Competition

On January 22, we had 53 images and the judge was Wayne Miller, a Certified Professional Photographer. He expressed his belief that each photographer should help others grow and improve, and he gave lots of helpful comments on each image.

Congratulations to Jim Ludwig, Anita Rama, Lynn Oakleaf, and Euclides Viegas for receiving Best in Show awards.

Congratulations to Cathy Huffman for being chosen as Editors Picture of the Month.

NT Editor's Choice Jan Cathy Huffman 3rd Pict PI Int

To view all the winning entries please visit our competition website.

If your images didn’t place in this month’s competition, you can always resubmit them.

Projected Images of the Night

Anita Rama, Journalism

HT Jan DVCC BIS Journ basic Anita Rama

Balancing business on 2 wheels. There are more than 3 million motorbikes for 7.4 million people in Saigon. 
Anita Rama

Lynn Oakleaf, Pictorial

DVCC_Jan Pict PI Int BIS Lynn Oakleaf

Euclid Viegas, Travel

DVCC_Jan_Travel PI Mast BIS Euclides Viegas

Print of the Night

Jim Ludwig, Color Prints

DVCC_Jan_Color Prints Mast BIS Jim Ludwig


N4C January Competition Results

Four DVCC members placed in the N4C monthly competition with a total of six winning images. Congratulations to Jim Ludwig, Euclides Viegas, Lynn Oakleaf, and Cathy Cooper for their winning images.

Jim Ludwig, Monochrome Prints

N4C_Jan_Mono Prints Mast 1st Jim Ludwig

Lynn Oakleaf, Pictorial Projected Images

N4C_Jan_Pict PI Int  2nd Lynn Oakleaf

Euclid Viegas, Monochrome Prints

Mono Prints Mast 3rd Euclides Viegas

Cathy Cooper, Color Prints

N4C_Jan_Color Prints Mast 4th Cathy Cooper

Lynn Oakleaf, Creative Projected Images

N4C_Jan_Creative PI Int 4th Lynn Oakleaf

Cathy Cooper, Nature Prints 

HT N4C_Jan Nature Prints Masters HM Cathy Cooper

Common Green Darner Dragon Fly (Anax junius) in flight at Huntington Central Park, CA 
Cathy Cooper

To see a list of all the N4C November winners visit the N4C website.  The results on the DVCC STANDINGS page have been updated to reflect these latest N4C results.


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