DVCC & N4C September Competition Results (revised)

DVCC September Outing: Mission Accomplished

Joe and Mary Crosby, Mike and Laurie Espinoza, Bob and Cathy McNutt along with Chris Nelson met at Mission San Juan Bautista for our September outing. The day was lovely with spotted clouds. After exploring the mission and surrounding museums we met for a nice lunch in the outdoor seating at Jardens De San Juan restaurant. We elected to forgo the Soledad mission and concentrated the rest of the afternoon on the Carmel mission. We explored the mission and museums and watched three different weddings, with three different photographers during the afternoon. All in all an interesting day rich with photographic opportunities.

The biggest challenge for photography was shooting in relatively dark chapels while remaining discrete and respectful.  Using tripods in the chapels or museums was inconvenient or not an option so ISO had to be pushed up to achieve usable results,  the aperture had to be opened way up, or one had to hold very still when shooting or brace one’s self on something when shooting at slow shutter speeds–or all of the above.

–Chris Nelson

Here are a couple shots to give you the flavor of the day.

Mission Inside     

Chapel at San Juan Baptista (f3.5 at 1/40s, ISO 800, -1.0 exposure compensation, 70mm using a 70-200VR lens on a Nikon D7000)     


Mission Door

Door detail, Carmel Mission (f11 at 1/10s, ISO 1600, -1.0 exposure compensation, 80mm using a 70-200VR lens on a Nikon D7000)

More DVCC mission photos are at our members website under My Account/Galleries.

DVCC September Competition

We had 86 images submitted into competition last month. Judge Joe Hearst told us his philosophy: for beginners he looks at technique but for more advanced photographers, he wants to see something new and unusual. Then he gave detailed, helpful feedback on each image.

Congratulations to Rick Calhoun,  Anne Kohutanycz, Irena Miles, Betty Prange, and Euclides Viegas for receiving best in show awards.

Congratulations to Sara Calhoun’s The Greek Orthodox Church image for being chosen as Editors Picture of the Month.

Sept Ed Choice Pictorial basic  Calhoun

To view all the winning entries please visit our competition website.

Keep in mind that our judges comments are their own personal opinion and if your images don’t place in this month’s competition, you can always resubmit it into another months competition with a different judge.

Projected Images of the Night

Best in Show Nature basic R.Calhoun

Best in Show
First Place

Nature Projected Images – Basic
Ladybug Metamorphosis Hatched from eggs the Larvae looks like small alligators, when the larva hangs upside down it turns intoPupae which quickly turns translucent orange with black spots.

Rick Calhoun

Sept Best in Show Travel adv Prange

Sept Best in Show Pictorial I.Miles

Sept Best in Show Journalism Calhoun

Sept Best in Show Creative Viegas

Print of the Night

Sept Best in Show Nature Prints adv Anne Kohutanycz

Best in Show
First Place

Nature Prints – Advanced
Damselfly (Zygotera) with its catch becomes the catch of a white crab spider (Thomisidea), an ambush predator. 
Anne Kohutanycz


N4C September Competition Results

Ten DVCC members placed in the N4C monthly competition with a total of 16 winning images. Congratulations also to Irene Bergamini, Roberta Brooks, Gary LaMusga, Anne Kohutanycz,  Jerome Larson,  Hugh Miles, Irena Miles, Alan Moore,  Lynn Oakleaf, and Betty Prange for their winning images.  And congrats to Roberta Brooks and Gary LaMusga for advancing to the Intermediate level.

Sept1 N4C Mono Prints1st basic Brooks

Sept2 N4C Mono 2nd adv Betty Prange

Sept3 N4C Travel 2nd intermed Bergamini Sept4 N4C Pictorial 3rd masters Moore Sept5 N4C Travel 3rd basic  H Miles

Sept6 N4C Journ 4th masters Larson

Sept7 N4C Jour 4th basic Gary LaMusga Sept8 N4C Color Prints 4th basic Brooks Sept9 N4C Journ 5th masters Larson Sept10 N4C Travel 5th Adv I Miles

MonoPI5th Larson

Fifth Place
Monochrome Projected Images – Intermediate
Porch chairs await guests early in the morning at the 100 year old Glacier Lodge in Glacier National Park, Montana
Lynn Oakleaf
Diablo Valley Camera Club

Sept12 N4C Journ 5th intermed Bergamini Sept13 N4C Travel 5th basic H Miles Sept14 N4C Mono Prints HM masters Larson Sept15 N4C color prints HM masters Larson Sept16 N4C Mono HM inter Anne Kohutanycz

To see a list of all the N4C September winners visit the N4C website.  The results on the DVCC STANDINGS page have been updated to reflect these latest N4C results.

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