DVCC & N4C February Competition Results

DVCC February Competition

We had over 50 images submitted for competition last month. Leslie Crandall was a first time judge to our club. She was a delight to have judging our competition. She was upbeat, very honest and gave in-depth feedback on each image. She liked so many of our images that she awarded five Best in Show awards.

A special congratulations goes out to Cathy Cooper for receiving two Best in Show awards that night in Nature Projected Images and Pictorial Prints and Euclid Viegas for receiving two Best in Show awards for Pictorial Projected Images and Creative Prints. Congratulations also to Richard Fay for receiving a Best in Show award for his Monochrome PI image.

Congratulations for Editors Image of the Month goes out to Amory Donaldson for her image “Rapunzel Flies”. It can be seen on the top left side of our blog website.

To view all the winning entries please visit our competition website.

Keep in mind that our judges comments are their own personal opinion and if your images don’t place in this month’s competition, you can always resubmit it into another months competition and receive a different judges feedback.

Projected Images of the Night

Congratulations goes out to Cathy Cooper for her Nature Projected Image titled “Rare and Endangered California Clapper Rail (Rallus longirostris obsoletus) Makes a Rare Public Appearance to Bathe at Bolsa Chica Ecological Preserve”.


and Richard Fay for his Monochrome Projected Image titled “Stairwell in the Dark“.


and Euclid Viegas for his Pictorial Projected image titled “Delicate Petals of a Rose“.


Prints of the Night

Congratulations goes out to Cathy Cooper for her Pictorial Print image titled “Lone Pine Arch”.


Congratulations goes out to Euclid Viegas for his Creative Print image titled “Looking In……… “.



N4C February Competition Results

Five of our DVCC members placed in the N4C monthly competition with a total of seven winning images. Congratulations to Irena Miles for her 1st place/Best in Show travel image. Congratulations also to Lance Guelfo and Betty Prange for their two winning images and Richard Fay and Jim Ludwig for their wining image.

To see a list of all the N4C winners visit the N4C website.  The results on the DVCC STANDINGS page have been updated to reflect these latest N4C results.







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